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    Minstrel performance, 4/29 

    We are well and truly psyched about our upcoming performance at the Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series on Friday, 4/29 at the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Road in Morristown, NJ. 

    The series is sponsored by the justly famous Folk Project of Northern NJWe’ve been playing at this venue for years, and it’s one of our favorites — a wonderful acoustic space, and the audience is a performer’s dream: smart, attentive, lively. We’ll be rolling out a few new tunes for the occasion, as well as classics from our original repertoire. We’re opening for an exceptional singer/songwriter: Cliff Eberhardt

    Music starts at 8:00; admission is $9.00. Come by and join the fun; see you on the 29th!

    Chris DeBlasio: Walt Whitman in 1989 

    Our dear friend Chris DeBlasio departed this world much too soon. But his music lives on.


    From the song cycle, All the Way Through Evening

    Words by Perry Brass:

    Walt Whitman has come down today
    To the hospital room
    He rocks back and forth in the crisis
    He says, it's good we haven't lost our closeness
    And cries as each one is taken
    He has written many lines about these years
    The disfigurement of young men
    And the wars of hard tongues and closed minds
    The body in pain will bear such nobility
    But words have the edge of poison
    When spoken bitterly
    Now he takes a dying man in his arms 
    And tells him:

    How deeply flows the river
    That takes the old man and his friends this evening
    It is the river of dusk and lamentation
    Flow, Walt says, dear river
    I will carry this young man to your bank
    I'll put him myself on one of your strong platforms
    And we'll sail together all the way through evening.